About the Groundwaters Staff
The Groundwaters staff currently has two active members -- Pat Edwards and Jennifer
Chambers. Our GW family also includes two inactive partners -- Pat Broome and Jim
Burnett, Sr. -- who were both involved in the production of our magazine. Since the last
issue, however, due to health and time issues, both have "retired" from actively
participating, but we still consider them a part of the GW family.
Pat Edwards' main responsibility has been in production... the hands-on work of editing, layout, design
and printing of projects taken on by the LLC. She is also an author and historian, specializing in Oregon history.
She and co-author, Jo-Brew, are currently promoting their two books on the history of Pacific Highway/U.S.
Highway 99 through Oregon called,
OREGON'S MAIN STREET: U.S. Highway 99 "The Stories" and "The Folk
Pat also wrote the history of her small home town of Lorane, Oregon with the help of two friends/co-authors in
1987. It was called
Sawdust and Cider: A History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley. She put together a
major revision of the book in 2006 when the economy went from timber harvests to wine production in a short
period of time. The second book is called
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine.
  Pat lives near Lorane with her husband Jim who owns and operates the Lorane Family Store.

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Jennifer Chambers has long been in charge of our promotional activities and ourtreach
programs. She has traveled in various parts of the U.S. as an invited inspirational speaker and the books she has
authored are gaining in popularity. Her most recent,
Remarkable Oregon Women: Revolutionaries and
is selling well through the traditional press. Her articles and stories have become popular on
web-magazine sites, as well. (Check out her recent article called
"How Does She Do It? Parenting With a
Disability?" for Ravishly magazine.)
  Jennifer and her husband Ryan live in Veneta, Oregon with their three children.

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"Bubbling up in our own good time."