Mary Alexander

Mary Alexander (nee Durbin) spent nine years of her childhood in environs of
Eugene, Cottage Grove and Coos Bay.  Later, years spent as an Air Force wife
took her to Japan and Europe, multiple stateside assignments and precipitated a
yen for travel to many countries around the world. She retired from a career as a
clinical social worker, and has since devoted herself to writing.
(Winter 2014)

Mary spent her childhood in California, Oregon, Arizona and Indiana. Six months
after high school graduation she married her Hoosier boyfriend who was then
serving in the Air Force. The next twenty-plus years she was busy raising their two
sons and being a camp follower with multiple assignments in the United States,
three years in Japan, and four years in Europe. Upon her husband’s retirement
Mary returned to college at the University of Arizona. She earned her Bachelor’s
degree in Psychology and Sociology, plus a Master’s degree from Arizona State
University in Clinical Social Work. Her twenty-five years as a social worker included
two years in Tucson’s school system and five years in Child Protective Services.
She then opened her own counseling and psychotherapy practice in Sierra Vista,
Arizona for eighteen years. She declares she is now on her “fourth life” as an author
of short stories, memoirs, and three books that are pending publication. Her life has
given her abundant material for her writing.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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