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Kandice Carsh Bartels
Kandi Carsh Bartels is Marna Hing’s daughter by her first marriage, but she considers Bob
Hing much more than a stepfather.  The almost-three years since Marna’s death have been
extremely hard for them both and Kandi wanted to give Bob something special for his (and
Marna’s) birthdays this year.  When she posted this story on Facebook, I asked her if I could
share this beautiful story with our readers. It undoubtedly brought some tears to her eyes as she
wrote it and to Bob’s when he read it. I know that it had that effect on me, as well. You see,
Marna was one of my co-authors on Sawdust and Cider, our first history of Lorane, but more
soulmates for eternity...   pe    
(Spring 2013)

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Volume 9 Issue 3 - "A Birthday Wish for Bob and Marna Hing" (personal experience/non-
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