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Sylvia Beltran
Biography:  (Volume 3 Issue 1 - "The Art of Imperfection")
The Japanese kimono, I like to think is synonymous with the attribute of
serenity. Initially, my attraction to this garment began in using materials from
imported kimonos to make very small ones and putting them onto my gift
greeting cards. Later, I went forward to make much larger kimono figures, which
I then put into shadow-box frames. My intention was to give each scene the
appearance of a classically robed figure walking serenely about her garden.
The vintage kimonos are old, some predate post-war Japan. By salvaging the
more worn parts, the sleeves and hems which are stained and have ragged
edges, I am able to recycle and show how the garment was made to last until
today. Indeed, one can note within the fabric how a seamstress' stitched
patchings still portray the hardships endured during those war years.
I live with my husband Frank, the expert frame maker, in Elmira. We have four
sons, a daughter and five grandchildren who all live in California.
(Fall 2004)

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