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Mary Lou Bennett
Mary Lou Bennett taught in the Speech Communication department at Oregon
State University for six years.  She then coordinated and taught in the turning
Point Transitions Program at Linn-Benton Community College. Upon retirement
she and her husband moved to Florence and later to Eugene where she
re-kindled her enthusiasm for writing poetry and prose.
 (Winter 2013)

"Some years ago I had modest success as a free-lance writer, but I realized it
was never going to blossom into a career. So I went to graduate school then
began teaching in the Speech Communication Department at Oregon State
University. I loved teaching, I was energized by the students, so much so that I
didn't even miss writing. A few years later, I was offered a job coordinating and
teaching in the Turning Point Transitions Program at Linn-Benton Community
College. This was a wonderful and exciting job with its own challenges and
rewards. By now writing seemed like a remote activity I had once engaged in
but thought of no more.  
"When it was time to retire my husband and I moved to Florence, then to
Eugene. We traveled a fair amount, we enjoyed the wonders of this new place
we now call home, we made friends, one of us golfed with the guys and one of
us practiced tai chi by herself.  I wrote emails and letters to friends and family
as I'd always done. One day I opened up a box that had lived in the back of my
closet and I looked through the stories and poems I'd once crafted. I began to
think of story lines, of ideas, of character names, of dialogue, of the wonder of
putting together all these puzzle pieces down on paper and arranging them into
something of substance, something that others might like to read. For the first
time in many years, I think of myself as a writer.

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