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Joe  R. Blakely lives with his wife, Saundra Miles in Eugene, Oregon. He
has one son, Justin, and a stepson, Jonathan Baker. Mr. Blakely earned a degree in
history from San Diego State College—while in college he excelled in the writing of
history term papers. Mr. Blakely retired from the Office of Public Safety at the University
of Oregon in 1999. After retirement he decided to write
about Oregon history.
  With the addition of his new book,
Rebellion, Murder and a Pulitzer Prize, Mr. Blakely
has written ten books about Oregon—seven histories and three historical fi ction novels.
Mr. Blakely says his best work is his biography of Oswald West, Oregon’s rascally
governor who wrote legislation in 1913 to set aside Oregon’s beaches as a highway,
thereby providing public access. His two Highway 101 coast books,
Lifting Oregon Out
of the Mud: Building the Oregon Coast Highway
(2006) and Building Oregon’s Coast
Highway 1936-1966: Straightening Curves and Uncorking Bottlenecks
(2014) on
building the coast highway, have been most popular.
  Mr. Blakely is currently working on a novel set in 1960, on Oregon’s Coast Highway.
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Building Oregon's Coast Highway 1936-1966:
Straightening Curves and Uncorking Bottlenecks
By Joe R. Blakely (2014) - 174 pages

From the devastating 1936 fire in Bandon, Oregon to the building of the Columbia
River Bridge in 1966 this story charts the epic journey of building Oregon's
spectacular coast highway across a steep basalt cliff, through Arch Cape, bridging
Thomas Creek gorge and leveling mountains.

When finished the highway had closed the last gap in U.S. Highway 101 from the
Canadian border to Mexico.
Rebellion, Murder and a Pulitzer Prize
By Joe R. Blakely (2015) – 218 pages

 Llewellyn Banks, the so-called dictator, tried to take over the Medford and
Jackson County government in 1933. The chaos he created climaxed when he
murdered the popular Medford Constable, George Prescott. This sensational trial
was moved from Medford to Eugene, Oregon. It pitted the most respected
lawyers in the state against each other. As the trial unfolds, so does the story of
the Jackson County Rebellion.
 This book Includes sections of the actual transcript. The highlights of the trial are
brought to life by analysis of newspaper reporters of the day. As the trial unfolds
so does the story of the Jackson County Rebellion.

  “Oregon historian Joe Blakely has turned up yet another important chapter in
the state's past – the 1933 Medford insurrection that nearly replaced Jackson
County's government with a Hitler-style dictatorship. For the first time, Blakely
reprints excerpts of the ringleader's Eugene trial, a transcript that puts Perry
Mason's exploits to shame.”
~ William L. Sullivan, author of "Hiking Oregon's History"
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The Drain Black Sox of Oregon vs The Alpine
Cowboys of Texas; The Glory Days of Semi-Pro
Baseball 1930-1960
By Joe R. Blakely (2016) - 116 pages

  In the 1950s small town semi-pro baseball ignited in popularity and blazed
across our country like no other sport in history. Two teams epitomized this
exciting era: The Drain Black Sox of Oregon and Alpine Cowboys of Texas. When
these two teams collided for the national semi-pro championship in 1958 in
Wichita, Kansas, it produced one of the most rip-roaring games ever played in
semi-pro history.
  Outfielder, Dan Luby said, "it was magic."