Joseph Emil Blum
I was named Joseph Emil Blum, sharing the same middle name of my
father and paternal grandfather. I like my middle name a lot. I've been
called Giuseppi, Yussel, Joseph, Blues Master, JoJo, and occasionally
Jobo, but have always gone by Joey: it keeps me young and reminds me
not to take things seriously. I've never been Mr. Blum. I was born in Ohio
and raised in New York and my first paid job was removing ice from a
Cadillac at the age of seven. Abandoning that promising career I then
went on to the care of exotic animals, life-guarding, home insulating,
oyster growing, construction, carpentry, fisheries biology, teacher of the
living and the dying, and lavender farming, just to name a few. At the age
of eleven I first came to Tumwater Washington and started spending
summers there with relatives. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest that
first summer and knew I would live there when I could get away from
New York. I did that for good at age 19. I now live in rural Oregon with
my wife Nancy and daughter Ruby and I spend winters alternately
tormented and pleased by the thundering sounds of amorous chorus
frogs, and summers alternately tormented and pleased by slowly pitched
softballs. I am very proud to have juggled fish in the Bering Sea while
working aboard the world's largest fishing vessel, the Sulak: an act I
believe may have facilitated the end of the Cold War, and am equally
proud to have sung in a Soviet fisherman's dance band aboard the same
vessel: an act that, no doubt, prolonged it.
(Summer 2008)

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