Kris Bluth

I live in Eugene with my wife and daughter and my various writings have appeared in
Denali, Irreantum, Anti-Muse, Unlikely Stories, Eugene Weekly, Salt Lake City
Weekly, Urinal Gum
and Clean Sheets. (Summer 2010)

Kris Bluth lives in Eugene with his wife Denise and his daughter Sam. When not writing,
he enjoys arguing with strangers on the Internet and falling asleep to episodes of
Mystery Science Theater 3000. His work has most recently appeared in Bay Laurel,
Doves and Serpents, and Eugene 150th Birthday Celebration Poetry Celebration.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 6 Issue 4 - "Sidewalk Popsicle" and "Time for a New TV?" (poetry)
Volume 7 Issue 2 - "My Life's Work" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 3 - "Farm" (poetry); "Baskets for Sale" (essay)
Volume 10 Issue 4 - "Progress by Leaps and Bounds" and "Definition" (poetry)
Volume 11 Issue 2 - "40 F" (poetry

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology: "Your Local Symphony Orchestra Plays a Free
Show Underneath the Stars" and "Loophole" (page 134) - poetry
Groundwaters 2016: An Anthology: "APB" (poetry/whimsy) - page 44; "Sign of
Spring" (poetry/whimsy) - page 59; "70 MPH" (poetry/special places) - page 66; "Ad
for Global Airline" (poetry/whimsy) - page 107
Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: "Cuthbert Amphitheater" (poetry/special places)
- page 70; "Nothing Compares to U" (poetry/whimsy) - page 35
Groundwaters 2018: An Anthology: "I Love You to the Moon and Back" (Imagination
Destination) - page 55; "Koan" (poetry/Chuckles) - page 119
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