Denise Bluth
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."

I am 44 years old and recently married an amazing man, Kris Bluth. We live in Eugene
with his nine-year old daughter, Sammy. I also have two grown sons who are both
away at college out of state. I have been writing for as a long as I can remember, but
haven’t been officially published, because I have a heavy fear of rejection. Kris is really
very supportive and insisted I, at least, try.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology: "A Day in the Shade" (page 132); "The
Sculptor" (page 133) - Poetry
Groundwaters 2016: An Anthology: "A Song to Original Sin" (poetry/relationships) -
page 18; "Mother's Love" (poetry/relationships) - page 33; "Morning Coffee"
(poetry/whimsy) - page 47
Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: "Ellie's Song" (poetry/relationships) - page 23;
"Ellie" (photography) - page 23; "Dreams" (poetry/reflection) - page 9; "A Life Worth
Living" (poetry/reflection) - page 23
Groundwaters 2018: An Anthology: "For Beck" (poetry/Relationships) - page 109