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Elizabeth Tyler Brown
Biography:   Volume 3 Issue 4 - "Memoirs of a Pineapple Bride"
I am an 88-year old widow, mother of five grown children – three boys and two
girls. I live in Veneta Oregon where my number two daughter takes care of my
youngest son and me who are both handicapped. My oldest son and daughter
both live on Maui and the middle son lives in a suburb of Seattle. Beverly
picked up a copy of
Groundwaters for me at the West Lane Center
Laundromat and brought it home, knowing how much I like writing and am
always wondering if I can do something with it.. Your publication has been a
Godsend to me.
(Summer 2005)

Elizabeth Tyler Brown was a regular contributor to Groundwaters until
her passing several years ago. Her poetry, however, will live on,
thanks to her family’s willingness to share.

Website address:  none

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