Stanley Buck
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I was born in Astoria, Oregon during a rainstorm in 1934. In 1944, my parents
moved to the upper Smith River, near Gunter, a few miles from Drain. I went in the
service in 1952, spending 5 years in the Navy, and 19 years in the Air Force. I
retired and moved to Waldport, Oregon in 1976. I graduated from Minot State
University in 1974 while in the Air Force, and attended graduate school both in
Minot, North Dakota and in Oregon. I was married for 58 years to my sweetheart,
Sieglinde, and we had three children. She died last year. Everything I ever did or
became I could not have done without her. (
Groundwaters 2015 anthology)
I’m retired from the Air Force and have lived in Waldport, Oregon since 1976. I grew up on the Smith River during
the 1940s, near the community of Drain in Douglas County, Oregon. I’ve followed many professions before and
after my Air Force career. (I was married for 56 years before my sweetheart and beloved wife Sieglinde died last
September. It was the most anguishing event in my life.

I write, collect books, own guns, restore and ride small Honda trail bikes, build and use computers, collect digital
cameras, and take pictures – lots of pictures
–- and I am a patriot.

I live exactly where I want to be, in the Oregon Coast range. In life, if there is no trail, then I blaze my own; when I
fall down, I get up. I like fine art, music and romantic love. I believe that every woman needs to be loved and
(Groundwaters 2016 anthology)

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