James R. Burnett, Sr.
Biography:  Volume 4 Issue 3 - "Apricot Tree"

I wear the masks of Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great
Grandfather. In my wardrobe I have other masks, that of Friend, full time RVer,
independent New Thought Minister, Prayer-Partner, Writer and a bunch of worn out
masks including Crisis Counselor, Chaplain, Parts Manager, International Trade
Consultant, Safety and Environmental Compliance Specialist and Shoe Salesman
and... I’m not sure that in the course of a single lifetime on planet Earth we can ever
strip away all of our masks to reveal the divine spark of our true nature. My hope is
that we can at least come to understand that we, each and every one of us, is so
much more than what we, or anyone else, perceives us to be.
(Winter 2008)

(From Pat's Groundwaters Blog): I’ve known Jim all of my life – literally. He’s my
brother. When he learned that I was becoming involved in a literary magazine, his
interest was immediately piqued. Jim has always been the philosopher in the family.
His thoughts and meditations run deep. He has always loved to delve into the whys
and the why nots of life and has studied many religions and beliefs. In fact, he has long
had his own ministry based on the faith of the Unity (not Unitarian) faith. He has
performed marriages and led worships for many years.
Jim is the father of eight as well as grandfather and great-grandfather of many. He
and his wife Jonni live in a 5th wheel RV which they have taken to many destinations
around the U.S. the past few years since they both retired. Unfortunately, with gas
prices being what they are currently, their wings have been somewhat clipped this
year and they have stayed pretty close to their original home of Portland, Oregon. In
addition, Jim’s oldest son, J.R., has been undergoing very traumatic treatment for
throat cancer this year and it’s really the main reason he and Jonni have wanted to
stay close by.
Jim loves the written word, as well as the spoken one. He reads voraciously and has
long been a reader for a statewide writer’s association.
Life isn’t all mental gymnastics for him, though. He is a natural “Santa Claus” and he
frequently allows his snow white beard and hair to grow out a bit as the holidays
approach. He’s the real thing, not only in appearance, but his love for children and for
the holiday season adds that unique sparkle to his eyes that cannot be replicated by
those without “the gift.”
Groundwaters staff is so privileged to have Jim as our Contributing Editor and
Business Manager – even if it is a long-distance membership/relationship.

Website address:  http://www.journalhome.com/BurwoodTraveler/

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aka "Jimminy Cricket"
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
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