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Deborah Burton
My husband and I moved here last December from near the sleepy little town of
San Luis Obispo in California. My husband is originally from New Zealand and
he wanted very much to migrate back there in order to purchase a bit of rural
property. We had both become uneasy with living our lives so dependent on the
kindness of government and wanted to become more self-sufficient. Owing
partly to a significant flux in the currency exchange rate – not in our favor – and
partly to my own cowardice at the notion of becoming an ex-patriot, we decided
that moving to Oregon was an excellent compromise to New Zealand. While we
both have early family ties to farm living, we have neither of us enjoyed such a
life in adulthood. And, in my case, knowing how to grow copious amounts of
winter wheat in Montana had not well-prepared me for trimming the hooves of
llamas. So, there have been some missteps. Still, we’ve delighted in every
moment both good and bad, fulfilling our lifelong dreams along the way and
perhaps, some amusement may be gleaned from the sharing of our exploits.

(Fall 2005)

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