Patricia A. Byers is a long-time resident of Florence, Oregon, after transplanting from Santa
Cruz, California in 1991. She has been painting since her retirement in 1987 and, by her
husband’s count, has over 100 oil paintings of various subjects in her house. "They never sell
because, for one thing, the ones people want to buy are usually my favorites,” Patty says.
  The painting that we are using for this issue’s cover art was one of Patty’s earlier works. It
was a class assignment chosen for her by her art instructor and was painted from a
photograph. It has been proclaimed by Patty’s husband, Morey, to be her very best work.
  Seascapes are her favorite subjects, though anything to do with water is a special
preference. “My real choice of seascapes came from Sharon Rickert, my teacher. It was she
who started my fascination with seascapes, from the classes I took and her beautiful
paintings. She was a wonderful person and artist.”
  Jen Chambers, Patty’s granddaughter, remembers a funny story surrounding her
grandmother’s talent. “When I was 11 or so, Patty painted a portrait of me from a school
picture. I remember so clearly when she unveiled the detailed and very good portrait. I was
so embarrassed of my seventh-grade self that I honestly told her I didn't like it. I know now
that it probably killed her, after all her work, but she is such a gracious person, she simply
said she understood, smiled and said no more about it. I tried to explain, years later, that it
was just that I was in such a bad space about who I was at the time, and she smiled and said
she understood. She's a wise woman. The portrait now hangs in her upstairs gallery in their
house at the coast.”
  Patty used to be very involved in the music program at her church but now enjoys retirement
and photography.  “We were fortunate enough to travel quite a bit,” she explains. She and her
husband have traveled to countries all over the world, from Russia to South America to Cuba
and many more, as well as much of the United States. They have given up “snow-birding” in
their RV and now are “content stay-at-homes” in Florence.
  “Actually, we like to say that we were rain-birds, because of all the rain!” she laughs. She
and her husband enjoy the coast. Their two children, four grandchildren and great-
grandchildren are spread around the Willamette Valley and San Diego, California.

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