Jennifer Byers Chambers
Biography:  Volume 4 Issue 1 - "The Price of Recovery"

Jen Chambers was one of Judy’s first volunteers with
Groundwaters and is the person on our
team who provides the youth and fresh ideas that keep us all on track. Jen’s eagerness to carry
out the projects that she takes on usually guarantees success. She’s not afraid of new directions
and seeks out knowledge on how best to proceed whether it is through writing conferences,
mentors or research. She’s the fiction writer on our team. Her wonderful imagination and her
ability to make characters and settings come to life for her readers will ensure that she will get
noticed some day soon by the publishing world. In fact, her first book,
Learning Life Again has
just been released and can be purchased on and Barnes and Noble websites.

Besides being an excellent writer, Jen is the mother of two (Riley and Quinn) and the wife of
Ryan Chambers, a teacher and coach at Mapleton High School.
She has written for numerous publications including the
Register-Guard and the West Lane
. She is in the process of marketing her book, Learning Life, which is the story about two
women’s struggles with traumatic brain injury and how daily chores affect their lives. “TBI” is a
much too familiar subject for Jen, who has lived her story following a near-fatal car accident
during her high school years at Crow High School.
Currently Jen is enrolled as a junior at Eastern Oregon University. She helped organize The
Misfits and Mavericks Literary Society, an adult writers’ group, and Writers of the Universe, a
teen writing group at the Fern Ridge Public Library. Both have been actively meeting for the past
three years.
She was also in the cast of the Applegate Regional Theatre Production of
Lumberjacks and
Wedding Belles
as "Ma Scrubbs." She also volunteers and substitutes as an Educational
Assistant at Veneta Elementary School. She is a member of Willamette Writers Group and the
Brain Injury Association of America. You can find examples of her work and links to magazines
and brain-injury-related sites on her website.
In addition to
Anna and Learning Life Again, Chambers has published short stories in numerous
anthologies. She has been seen in
Redbook,, The Nashville Examiner, The Register-
, ABC-TV and radio. A mother of three, she works as an editor for Groundwaters
For more information, including book cover or author photo, please contact Jennifer Chambers at
(541) 935-4994 or see her website, (Fall 2011)

Jennifer Chambers writes from a full house in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Her novel
Learning Life Again was published in 2009, and her short stories were published in eight horror
anthologies 2009-2011. A horror novel,
Listen to Gran, was published in 2011, and her Young
Adult novel
The Curious Bookshop will be released late winter 2012. She edits a literary
magazine and writes a newspaper column. (Quote from bio for the 2012
Southwest Oregon
Writers Conference -
Spring 2012)

Jennifer Chambers writes about strong women with bold stories. She speaks across the United
States about persevering through traumatic brain injury and genetic disorder. Her work has been
published in numerous national newspapers, magazines and websites. As a person with cognitive
disability, it’s important for her to tell stories about real people living extraordinary lives—and,
conversely, tell stories about extraordinary people living ordinary lives in her fiction.
Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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Winner of The Erica Atkisson Memorial Scholarship, 2012 South Coast Writers Conference, Gold
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Winner of The Erica
Atkisson Memorial

2012 South Coast Writers
Gold Beach, Oregon
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