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Brambleberry Farm
By Jennifer B. Chambers (2013) - 222 pages

Brambleberry Farm is a place where friends become family through a shared love
of sustainable living and good food. It follows Jo, a chef at the organic restaurant
on site, who also has synesthesia, a disease where she experiences two
sensations at the same time. Her partners at the Farm are the intense Mark;
"mother-to-them-all," Hayley Marie; jewelry-maker, Grace, and the brewer who
lives down the street, Tim.  

The book also includes many delicious recipes described at the organic restaurant.
Jennifer Chambers writes about strong women with bold stories.
Chambers speaks nationally on self-advocacy, body love and on how attended the University
of Iowa Summer Writing Festival. The co-owner and Contributing Editor of
Publishing is a survivor of traumatic brain injury, which forced her to re-learn everything from
walking and talking to tying her shoes. She lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest and is
learning to play bluegrass and Motown on her ukulele. Her life is fueled by coffee, family,
music, and books.
The Self-Advocacy Toolbox
By Jennifer Chambers (2014) - 58 pages

A workbook for promoting self-advocacy as a means to being happier and living a
more fulfilled life.
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Books Published For Others by Groundwaters Publishing
Revolutionaries & Visionaries Coloring Book
By Jennifer B. Chambers (2016) - 26 pages

Revolutionaries & Visionaries is a coloring book of important women from Oregon's
past and present. It blends vintage images with coloring book pages.
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