Catherine Chandler is a classically trained cellist, cartoonist, print maker, illustrator, weaver, sculptor
and science fiction author. She has made various attempts to earn a living as a foot messenger, thrift
store clerk, convenience teacher and a math teacher and tutor. Shortly after the turn of the millennium,
she, like many late phase baby boomers, sought professional credentials in order to improve her
career options and attended Eugene’s Northwest Christian College to get a teaching license. Many
newly certified teachers find themselves having to go far afield to find their first job. And, when one’s
home state is stricken with a financial crisis the year after one graduates with a brand new teaching
license, one may end up going very far afield, indeed. Ms. Chandler is currently taking a break from the
emotional abattoir of a full time job search to write a science fiction novel, Philharmonic to the Stars,
about a symphony orchestra touring in outer space.
(Winter 2006)

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Catherine Chandler
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