James Cloutier is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who worked in Kenya in the
land resettlement program, creating audio-visual materials to train land recipients to
become cash crop farmers. After returning to the US, James received an MFA in
photography at the University of Oregon and has pursued a career as a freelance
illustrator/cartoonist/ graphic designer. James lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife
and grandson.

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James Cloutier
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
Index of Groundwaters contributions:

Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: Illustrator for "Adae Ceremony" by Dorothy
Soper (non-fiction/special places) - page 27; and "Bigfoot and the Ancient Forest"
by Joe R. Blakely (fiction/flights of fancy) - page 14
Groundwaters 2018: An Anthology: Illustrator for "Welcoming a Child" by
Dorothy Soper (non-fiction/cultures and places of the world) - page 19