Gene Conrad grew up in the Lorane area and graduated from Crow High School in 1984.
He now lives in Ronan, Montana with his wife, Julie, and their 5 children. He is an engineer
with a machine shop at home, and makes custom spurs and belt buckles. Gene enjoys
writing humorous stories about those “crazy” days we all experience from time to time and
hopes to one day publish a collection of them.
(Summer 2008)

My interest in writing evolved by accident. The first story I wrote was for our family
Christmas letter. My wife Julie asked me to write something to include. I decided to focus
on some goofy thing that had happened. Pat Edwards, editor of
Groundwaters was on
our Christmas letter list and invited me to submit stories for the magazine. The real events
that happen to all of us that are crazier than things we can make up... those are the kind
of things I enjoy writing about. I write for two reasons: 1) I did not know my grandparents
and it is my hope to record a little of my life. My descendants can perhaps get a small
glimpse of who I am. 2) I write to encourage others to share their stories with the people
they love.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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Siuslaw Falls
Siuslaw Falls Fish Ladder
Gene Conrad
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