Cathy Coulson-Keegan and Bill Wright create Shoji lanterns of their own design, such as the
one pictured on this issue’s cover, through Touch the Earth, the graphic art design studio
Cathy formed in 1972. Bill later joined the business in 1994. They also produce silk prayer
flags, mobiles and large hanging lanterns. All are intended to be used outdoors and to last
for many years. Items should be kept under overhanging cover, ideally; however, people
often put them in trees and leave them exposed for many years. They weather the sun and
wet and moss, very gracefully.
      Cathy Coulson-Keegan and Bill Wright have been involved in the Country Fair since the
1980s. Cathy serves currently on its Craft Committee. The two married in 1991; then moved
to Lorane for a couple of years, and later to Veneta. They work in a studio adjacent to their
home near the town’s core, within walking distance to parks and businesses. They are also
active in the community as members of Neighbors for Responsible Growth (N4RG).         
Touch the Earth may be contacted at (541) 935-9596 or

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Cathy Coulson-Keegan
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