I am an 50 yr. old mom of two and grandmom of two. I enjoy writing, astronomy and keeping up on green
and space technology. My fav websites are NASA  and APOD or, Astronomy Pic of the Day. I look
forward to the day when we actually leave the planet to build a station on the moon or Mars. My Mother,
Joanne, is a major supporter of my writing and is key in keeping me at it while also being my good friend.
My children, Wendy and Jesse, are also good critics and supporters. I hope to someday write a really
good series of novels. Maybe one about my family. Our family history is very interesting. I'm a native
Oregonian and love Oregon dearly. I wish they would quit building so much here. I've lived in Alaska,
Montana and Idaho, but Oregon is definitely home. I've never flown in an airplane but would like to ride in a
small jet someday. I'm very proud of my kids. My daughter is a busy artist and my son is in college for the
new energy technology. I love my kids and try to support them in their endeavors. I love to garden. That is
my true joy -- growing flowers and watching the tiny birds and squirrels feed off of them. We have created
a backyard habitat for all the little creatures and they are so fun to watch.
(Fall 2010)

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