I grew up believing I had no artistic talent of any sort. One day, I took an introductory
class in Chinese brush painting from Nan Rae during a week of women’s programming
sponsored by Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center where I worked at the time. I still
have my first painting, dated May 1998. I was 54 at the time. Nan exudes a can-do
attitude and ensures that every student has a painting to take home and treasure from
every class she teaches. I took painting classes from her monthly from the time she
opened her private studio in 2000. She gave me the gift of art and I worried about how I
would manage without her when we moved to Oregon in January, 2004. When we arrived
in Oregon, I immediately began the search for a new teacher. I read in the West Lane
News about Kathy Thompson teaching Chinese brush painting through the Rural Art
Center in Lorane. Kathy also teaches at the Schnitzer Art Museum at the University of
Oregon and at the Applegate Art Guild in Veneta. Life is complete.
(Summer 2005)

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