This poem ("Silent Herds") was inspired by the regular flights of geese over our home on
Clear Lake Road. We have lived out here for 10 years and are constantly enthralled with
the ever-changing tableau of land and skyscape and wildlife activity. We run a small family-
owned woodworking business and I’ve been writing poetry for many years.
(Spring 2010)

The Waterfront Depot is a real, very delightful spot in Florence, on the banks of the
Siuslaw River, with windows looking out towards that wonderful bridge built in the '30s
during the WPA era. The food, the atmosphere and the service are all well worth the trip
over...and it is not outrageously expensive, but reservations are recommended... check it
out sometime. Thanks again for all your work on a marvelous magazine for our little
community. You folks are doing a good thing for all of us.
(Fall 2011)

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