I graduated college with a degree in Electronics Engineering, but decided I wanted a
more exciting life and joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department. I retired after 26
years with the rank of Captain. I moved to Eugene in 1992 and have been pursuing a
hobby of writing my memories,  memoirs, a novel, and a children's book about a mouse
who lives in the fire house and becomes a hero.
(Fall 2010)

Dale R. Dickson obtained his Electronic Engineering degree from New Mexico State
University in 1962. After working in the aerospace industry for three years, he desired a
more active occupation and joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department. He gained
firefighting experience and was promoted to the rank of Captain. Dale retired after 26
years of active duty and moved to Eugene.

He enjoys writing and his accomplishments include a novel,
Camp Nine, a story of life in
a chain gang in the Jim Crow south, and
Jake the Fire Mouse, a childrens’ story book
about a heroic mouse that lives in a firehouse. His enthusiasm for writing remains
strong, and he has had his works published in several magazines including
Good Old
Days, Country, History Channel, Reminisce
and Groundwaters.
Dale R. Dickson
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
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Volume 11 Issue 1 - "My Experience With the Washing Machine" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Volume 11 Issue 2 - "If" (philosophy)

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology - "Reading and Mrs. Rock" and "World War II Has Ended" (personal
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Groundwaters 2016: An Anthology: "The Beautiful Inferno" (non-fiction/life's lessons) - page 81; "The Fever"
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