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April 20, 2009

Hello Publisher and Editors,

I’ve now read v.5 n.3 from cover to cover. It’s beautiful, it’s a
service; thank you. This issue best reflects the present group as it’
s solidified. I noted added clarity throughout, particularly about the
LLC. Lots of distribution locations!

  • Herbie’s poems seem to always hit the right spot. And such a
    cute illustration by Avis!
  • Jim’s Mother’s Day tribute describes someone truly wonderful,
    yet I can’t help think it’s not what many of us experienced…
  • Pat B. did a nice write-up about Jen’s book. Congratulations,
    Jen! It’s been a long road.
  • I loved Karen Wickham’s wonderings – a real favorite! Nice to
    see new offerings from Janine Margiotta, too. Such a talented
  • I liked Pat B.’s column – observation without all the politics. I
    also liked reading about Jo-Brew.
  • And I was so glad Rhonda’s poems appeared. “Pines of
    Madrid” is one of my favorites of hers.
  • Beth Robinson inspired me to look at bread tags with new
    eyes – just my kind of fun. And such a lovely illustration by her
    for this issue.
  • Carolyn Carney shared the wondering of many a writer. It was
    also good to see more from Millie Graves about her family. I
    admire them! And, that was a cute piece from Avis Rust.
    (Congratulations on their anniversary)!
  • Lloyd Counts’ story is heartbreaking and very important. You
    did great work here, Pat, and it’s the star of the show – the
    very essence of the whole endeavor. Thank you!! The timing
    was crucial, as it turned out. Lloyd is truly a hero, by sharing
    his experiences and what was in his heart. Very important.
    Sonny thought so, too.
  • Like Norm and Sande, Sonny and I stayed at the Crater Lake
    Lodge for our anniversary after it was last renovated. It’s nice,
    but discomfort inspired us to leave early in the morning –
    which was a wonderful time to see the park, we discovered!
    We never took the boat ride and always wondered about that,
    so welcomed the great description. The depth of the water is
    scary to think about…
  • Jim Miller’s story of the old car really tugged at my
    heartstrings; sad and sweet. Good addition to the other
  • Millie already remembers more jump rope rhymes than I do!
    Very fun to try, though.
  • It’s an interesting poem, but I’m still wondering about the W of
    the PV, too.
  • William Crutchfield’s poem certainly reminded me of Fern
    Ridge Reservoir. Another great addition to the group. Having
    heard of Palmer Vilagi, I was interested to see his writing, as
  • It would be wonderful if Sue Pike and others saw your
    Zebrafish article… (I remember Judith fairly well, of those
    named). Funny, I spent a good amount of time around those
    labs during the same period, being friends with the research
    students, never knowing what would evolve later with the
    dept. secretary!
  • Anyone who’s cleaned after their parents can relate to Norm’s
    piece about the family’s junk, but it sounds like his plate is
    quite full!
  • Lullaby by new poet Jane Capron is lovely.
  • I liked Jen’s cooking instructions; truly helpful hints.
  • Uncle Don is indeed a poet. He should have more published.
    We hope to see Marj’s Diary produced as a book, at least for
    the family, sometime in the future. And I hope to read the rest
    of her papers soon.
  • I was struck by the truth of Vallee Rose’s poem. I’d wondered
    what happened to her. I totally relate; reminds me of my own
    and others’ experiences. A deeply frustrated type of
  • The puzzle is always fun.
  • Loved Jen’s piece about Central Little School. I hope they
    keep up the good work. And I sure miss Sam Konnie. (He
    would have been featured, of course. And I’m fairly certain
    that he and Bobbie would have enjoyed Groundwaters).
  • Nice observations by Bridgett Johnson-Elliott. I hope she
    keeps writing.
  • I wonder…who is that Grandma of “Linneybugs”?
  • I especially liked that Tavia Ames wrote The Heart of a
    Champion as “tribute to a much-admired competitor.” And the
    title of Heidi Ramp’s poem is best described by the lines that
    follow it. Well done.
  • I most enjoyed the quote by Rachel Carson. Impressive,
    particularly because she worked so hard on behalf of life itself.
  • Riley Chambers is really growing into quite an artist. And, boy,
    is Nick D. talented!
  • Krystle Rodriguez captured the essence of spring. Another
    good addition to those published in GWs. And I liked the photo
    and caption for A Look Back… I like seeing a bit of local
    history there.

Have fun at the art & wine festival! Sylvia Beltran’s art, among
others, has been featured there in previous years. Sounds like a
good event for you.

Seems to be working very well without me! Best people for the job!
I’m very grateful for all of you. Onward!