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"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
Our Readers Write
I commend you for the work you are doing with the
Groundwaters publication and am happy to know
that it is growing. The more all of us communicate
with each other, the more we will realize that, at our
core, we all share the same hopes and dreams and
that we need to eradicate prejudice and practice
forgiveness and compassion for all our fellow
brothers and sisters in this human family. Through
sharing our stories, and laughing together about all
the crazy things we do, we will gain understanding
and compassion for each other. I might add that the
Internet is providing us with the ability to
communicate as never before in our current world
history. I'll be looking forward to finding your
Groundwaters online as well.

~ Virginia Vandehey
Kalispell, Montana

Volume 3 Issue 3 (Spring 2007)
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