Michael Foster (1945 -) was born in Garden City, Kansas. His father, a second-generation farmer and his
mother, the daughter of a rancher taught him the importance of hard work and a deep love of the land. After
being drafted into the Army in 1966, he returned to college and earned a degree in Elementary Education and
a graduate degree in Special Education. He spent over twenty years in the classroom teaching and learning
about children. His first two novels in the
Wakanisha series focus on the utter importance children and their
well-being have on shaping the culture in which they live.
(Groundwaters 2016: An Anthology)

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Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: "Now Then; The Oxymoron of Life" (fiction/life's lessons) - page 43
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Groundwaters 2020: An Anthology "The Year of Crises Issue": "Through Time" - page 73; "Through
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Michael Foster
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The author is a retired educator with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a
Master’s in Special Education with several hundred hours of post-graduate study in
Assessment and Systems Performance. Mr. Foster has been married to the same
woman for more than forty years, has two children who are both college graduates
and are in stable relationships and self-supporting. His children and his six
grandchildren are his
Wakanisha; family is the most important part of his life.
Wakanisha Is Love Enough is his first novel. (Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)