Groundwaters Live!
October 18, 2015
The Applegate Regional Theater, Inc. (ART, Inc), lost its purchase option on the Broadway Events Center in
2011, so the
Groundwaters Live! events were disbanded. The name was resurrected in October 2015, as a
celebration to welcome the first annual "issue" following the termination of the quarterly issues.

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology was published, the 2015 Groundwaters Live! event was scheduled
for the purpose of distributing pre-ordered, discounted copies to the 61 contributors.

We actually held 2 events... one in Veneta at the Konnie Room of the Fern Ridge Library and a second at the
Songbrook Community Room in Eugene. The Eugene event, however, wasn't set up as a program... it was
just a social gathering for those who wanted to pick up their books in a more convenient location.

Photo Gallery
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