I've been homeschooled all my life.  I started writing stories when I was in the fourth
grade, but I've occasionally written poems before then.  My hobbies include riding my
horse, training my dog, riding my bike, writing stories, playing piano, reading books,
and hanging out with my friends.  I want to train animals for movies when I grow up...
and maybe be an author.  I want to live on a ranch where I take in blind, deaf, and
abused horses.
(Spring 2011)

Thirteen year old Cori loves her 10-year-old brother, but he does tend to get on her
nerves sometimes.  "My Baby Brother" was written after her brother annoyed her one
too many times.  Cori is homeschooled and has several interests.  She enjoys writing
poems and stories, riding her horse, spending time with her dog, and hanging out with
her friends.  She has dreams of being a barrel racer and wants a career training
animals for the movies. Cori was an honorable mention winner in
Groundwaters’ 2011
Youth Writing Contest. Welcome back, Cori!
(Fall 2011)

Facebook page -- "Kiwi Maxine Grogan"

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 7 Issue 3
- "Whoosh!" (Consolation Award Winner of the 2011
Groundwaters Youth Poetry Contest)
Volume 8 Issue 1 - "My Baby Brother" (poetry)
Volume 8 Issue 3 - "Love" (poetry)
Volume 8 Issue 4 - "Kiwi -- The Real Miracle Dog" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Volume 10 Issue 4 - "My Boy of Summer" (fiction)
Cori Grogan
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Cori with Kiwi Maxine Grogan