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Earl Hain
Earl and wife Lynda have lived the past twenty-one years in very suburban
Cheshire in their self-defined “splendid isolation.” Their chosen Eden
culminates a lifetime of multiple household residences in many states and
across-the-seas locations. Both Earl and Lynda still actively participate in local
community projects and organizations. For ten years, Earl used to prepare
a short column, “A Hare’s Breath” for the weekly Tri-County News/West Lane
News, but the column was eventually replaced in favor of paid advertisements
(which does not make excellent business sense). (Winter 2005)

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 1 Issue 2 - “Frank” (essay)
Volume 1 Issue 3 - “There Was This Day in November” (essay)
Volume 2 Issue 1 - “Hoover” (essay)
Volume 8 Issue 4 - "Goodbye, Larry Bird" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Volume 9 Issue 4 - "Hoover" (personal experience/non-fiction)
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