Biography:  Volume 4 Issue 3 - "A Matter of Choice"

Sonny Hays-Eberts is the husband of Judy, who founded Groundwaters
magazine. He is a database administrator at Oregon State University, but is
also a talented photography hobbyist. He has taken many of the pictures
featured in
Groundwaters as well as designed many of the graphic images used
in advertising and features. Sonny has created and designed the
original website at and oversees its growth.
Sonny is best known for his
Groundwaters series of articles called “Moments of
Valor” in which he profiles the experiences of local military veterans. The
respect he has for them is obvious to his readers.

Website address:

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 1 Issue 2 - “Life and Fate” (book review)
Volume 1 Issue 3 - cover photograph
Volume 1 Issue 4 - “From the Other Side” (editorial); “A Moment of Valor:
Clarence Lankford” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 2 Issue 1 - “From the Other Side” (editorial); “Behind the Lines” (book
review); “A Moment of Valor: Don Carney” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 2 Issue 2 - “From the Other Side” (editorial); “A Moment of Valor”
(military history/non-fiction)
Volume 2 Issue 3 - cover photograph; “From the Other Side” (editorial); “A
Moment of Valor” (military history/non-fiction); “Music; Jonathan Richman and
the Modern Lovers” (music review); “Louise” (photography)
Volume 2 Issue 4 - “From the Other Side” (editorial); “Julianna’s Angel,”
“Grazing Horse” and “Yoda in Profile” (photography); “A Moment of Valor:
Eugene Willie” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 3 Issue 1 - “From the Other
Side” (editorial); “A Moment of Valor: Bill Harvey” (military history/non-fiction);
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine” (book review); “Tyko” and “Groundwaters
at Three Rivers” (photography); “Memories or Treasures?” (non-fiction); “All
Gave Some, Some Gave All” (profile)
Volume 3 Issue 2 - “From the Other Side” (editorial); “Cloud in Window”
(photography); “A Moment of Valor: Bob Hays” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 3 Issue 3 - cover photo; “Kabuki ‘Wreckin’ Ball II’ Hays-Eberts” and
“Pearl Chambers, aka Cowgirl” (photography); “From the Other Side”
(editorial); “A Moment of Valor: Letters to Home” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 3 Issue 4 - “Judy Hays-Eberts, Groundwaters’ Founder, Editor &
Cornerstone” and “In Memory of Angel Hay-Eberts” (photography)
Volume 4 Issue 1 - cover photo; “Greenberry Stable” (photography); “A
Moment of Valor: Del Baker” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 4 Issue 2 - “Groundwaters’ 4th Birthday Bash” (community);  “A
Moment of Valor: Carl Puchacz” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 4 Issue 3 - cover photo; “Hansel Hays-Eberts” (photography); “A
Matter of Choice” (essay); “Camp Adair” (military history/non-fiction)
Volume 4 Issue 4 - “Jeneca Jones: Voice of a Community” (profile)
Volume 5 Issue 1 - “Dew Drop Inn” (photography); “A Moment of Valor: From
the Notes of Aman Scheeler in the Great War” (military history/non-fiction)
Sonny Hays-Eberts
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
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