Evelyn Searle Hess

Evelyn counts stars and her blessings on the 21 acres she shares with her husband
David in the hills north of Lorane. On their property since 1992, Evelyn and David have
owned a native plant nursery and designed, built and maintained gardens for others.
Now they are trying to build a house and keep ahead of the weeds in the daytime while
Evelyn writes at night. Her book
To the Woods was published by OSU Press in May.
(Fall 2010)

For 15 years, Evelyn Hess and her husband lived in a tent and trailer, without electricity
or running water, on 20 acres of wild land in the foothills of the Oregon coast range.
When they at last decided to build a real house, they knew it would have to respect the
lessons of simple living that they learned in their camping life. With unfailing wit and
Building a Better Nest chronicles their adventures as they seek a model for
sustainable living not just in their home, but beyond its walls. Hess’s first book, To the
Woods, earned a WILLA Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction. Watch a recent short
TV interview with Evelyn at http://www.katu.com/amnw/segments/Building-a-Better-Nest-
311317851.html. She also appears on http://www.rosecityreader.com (
2015: An Anthology)

UPDATE: The Multnomah County (Oregon) Libraries listed Building a Better Nest in
their best books of 2015, and it was a finalist in the Ecology and Environment nonfiction
division for IndieFab's best of 2015. Congratulations, Evelyn!

Website address:  http://evelynsearlehess.com/

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