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Anna Hickey
My name is Anna, and I'm currently a sophomore at Willamette High School. I
participate in many activities at my school, some of my favorite being playing
the piano in Jazz Band and swimming on the school swim team. I love to read
and quilt, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I first began to write in fifth
grade, and have been composing my own poems and stories ever since.
Writing is one of my passions - it helps me understand people better, and it
allows me to explore outside the boundaries of this world as well. Currently, I
am involved in a science fiction writing exchange (a.k.a. roleplay) with one of
my best friends, which we have been working on for years.
I received notice that I won the Publisher's Choice award on my 16th birthday.
Needless to say, it made my day!
(Spring 2011)

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Volume 7 Issue 3 - "Possibility" (Publisher's Choice Award of the 2011
Youth Poetry Contest)
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