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By Sherry Hunter (2015) - 60 pages

   This little book is the compilation of a group of stories written by a fourth grade class at
Veneta (Oregon) Elementary School. They are the fruit of a writing assignment given to them
by their teacher Mrs. Chen, who uses story-writing as one of her many tools to reach into the
creativity and imagination of her students.
   The authors of this book are friends of mine. They are all heroes in their own right. They
face the struggles and challenges of being young students in a huge busy world that often
seems out of control even by adults, and they face those challenges with courage, tenacity
and optimism. They are learning, growing, and becoming the fine citizens of tomorrow!
   These students were inspired by the true life story of the Pakistani school girl Malala
Yousafzai. Malala suffered great persecution and near death from a gunshot wound to her
head at the hand of her persecutors, the Taliban. She was attacked for her stand and fight
for the right of all children to have an education. For her courage she won the Nobel Peace
Prize in 2014, and was the youngest person to ever win it. She is loved and admired all over
the world. Her passion, strength and her courage became theirs. They realized that they do
have a voice, and that what they have to communicate to their world is of great value. A
young school girl fighting for education in Swat Valley, Pakistan, ignited a spark that blazes
all over the planet. The students in Mrs. Chen’s fourth grade class caught the fire! They
recognize the courageous Malala to be a super hero.
   If you are one of the heroes in this book you are special indeed. You have contributed
greatly to the soul of this child, and by so doing have contributed to the lives of all of us.  
   If you are picking up this book for a quick easy read, or to pass a few idle minutes, get
ready for a surprise and a blessing. This extraordinary book is a little bucket of joy! Prepare
to have your own heart warmed as you catch the heart and soul of these students. They
remind us of what family, friends and community are really all about. They give us a promise
and a hope.
Sherry Hunter, aka Grandma Sherry, is a retired horse trainer,
equestrian coach, horse show judge and youth pastor who loves to spend her
time loving and sharing with people, animals and particularly children. Raised
in a family of storytellers, she acquired her love for a good story at an early
age, sitting at the feet of her imaginative and animated grandfather  Her aunt,
Ethel Nestell Fortner, was an award-winning Northwest Women's Author and
editor of Olivet Press. She encouraged Sherry from an early age to write, write,
write. With retirement, Sherry is now finding time to write children’s books,
short stories, poetry and motivational and spiritual essays, and she is currently
ghost-writing an autobiography.  Encouraging young people to read and write
is her passion, and working with those young people is her joy.
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Alex and the Tiger Monster
By Sherry Hunter (2015) - 26 pages

I was reading a book to little Eli who suddenly stopped me and said "Grandma
Sherry, I am only five and small and I am afraid of everything, but next year when I
am six I will be bigger and strong and have lots of courage. I won't be afraid of
anything." Startled and touched by his vulnerability, I softly answered him. "You
know Eli, adults often think they must wait until they are bigger and stronger before
they can have courage too. Then they remember that having courage does not
mean you are not afraid. Courage is when you are afraid but choose to face your
fear and believe you will make it through. Courage and hope are good friends and
are always with each other. You can choose them to be your good friends too, even
when you are only five and little. "You are a brave little boy today because you face
all kinds of new scary things and do them. Your life is a fine adventure because you
have great courage."