Patricia Jacobs is a native Northwesterner who first moved to Eugene in 1966 with her husband and three sons.
“Many of my stories and poems reflect my love of the outdoors from the Pacific to the Cascades. I have poems
included in both the Oregon Writers' Conference (OWC) Anthology, In Our Own Voices, and Kwinnim, a poetry
anthology. I'm currently writing memoir stories and essays about growing up in Longview, Washington in the forties
and fifties. My story, If It Wasn't Fishing, What Was It? received a 3rd place non-fiction award in an OWC writing
contest. I'm currently writing memoir stories, many dealing with living with MS for over thirty years.

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Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 6 Issue 1 - “Distracted" (poetry); "An Unforgettable Summer" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Patricia Jacobs
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