Bridgett Johnson-Elliott has lived in Lorane all her life. She is 17 and attends LCC
full time. She loves living in the heart of nature and counts herself blessed to have
such interesting forest friends.
(Fall 2008)

Bridgett Johnson-Elliott is 21. She is a lover of family, nature and, most of all, snow.
She enjoys writing on-a-whim about the captivating moments and simple reflections
of a day spent in constant wonder of the world.
(Winter 2012)

Bridgett was born on a peaceful, snowy night. She is blessed to live and work in the
beautiful Pacific Northwest, surrounded by loving family and the company of old-
growth forests. She enjoys writing stories, playing music and creating art. Bridgett is
interested in pursuing the publication of children’s books and illustrative art with a
focus on animals, nature, and home. Bridgett holds two Associate degrees from
Lane Community College in Arts & Languages and furthers her studies at the UO.
She has been an active volunteer for many non-profit organizations over the years.

(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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Bridgett Johnson-Elliott
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