Stephanie Kau has loved taking pictures... and having pictures taken of her... most of
her life. She and her friends at Crow High School are frequently seen snapping shots
of themselves – heads together, camera or cell phone extended in the hand of one of
them, as they smile into the lens. These self-portraits and other digital pictures have so
loaded down the Kau family’s home computer that there is no longer room on the hard
drive for other things. It’s a good thing that her father Brian Kau is a computer guru for
North Eugene High School as well as a math teacher. He’s able to keep Stephanie’s
pictures safely stored.
  The cover picture is one that Stephanie took with her inexpensive Olympus digital
camera in the Spring of 2007 while she and her friends were at a Crow baseball game
at Elmira High School. The girls put their heads together while Steph stretched her arm
out in front of them to snap the shot. They took several pictures that day, but this one
turned out so well that Stephanie had it enlarged and entered it into the photo contest
at the Lane County 4-H Youth Fair last August. It won a Grand Champion ribbon in the
Senior Division and was automatically entered in the Oregon State Fair photo show
where it was recognized with a blue ribbon.
  Stephanie attended Lorane Elementary School as did her mother Michele (Edwards)
Kau and both of her sisters, Linsey and Hayley. She graduated from Crow High School
in June 2008. Steph is enrolled at Western Oregon State University where she will
major in child development. She was active at Crow High School as a member of
Honor Society, Student Council, and as an ambassador during a week’s trip to the
Dominican Republic through her work with the Crow High School’s Humanitarian Club.
She is an accomplished athlete, earning letters in volleyball, basketball and track in all
four years at Crow.
  Her accomplices in the photo-shoot, Sharlyn Anderson, Alix Kihn-Stang and Hayley
Diess also graduated from Crow High School in June. Alix, like Steph, grew up in the
Lorane area and Sharlyn and Hayley live in Crow.  
(Summer 2008)

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