Hayden Larsen is a 2012 graduate of Crow High School. “I was diagnosed with
Autism at a young age. I plan on becoming a motion picture director and I am
currently taking classes at Lane Community College.” In the meantime, Hayden
loves to write mysteries or horror fiction.  (
Fall 2012)

Hayden Larsen, a 2012 graduate of Crow High School, is currently a student at
Lane Community College working on getting a degree in Media Arts in order to
fulfi ll his dream of becoming a motion picture director. “I am also an amateur
game developer and am currently working on several games. I first became
interested in writing after finishing several high school writing assignments
where my love for old and classic horror ad monster movies influenced me. It’s
genre I specialize in. I am the creator of the literary horror character Jack and
his website “Legend of Jack,” and I am currently working on a PC game
adaption on one of my stories featuring Jack called 'The Nightmare of Samuel
Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology

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Volume 9 Issue 1 - "Shadows" (fiction)
Volume 9 Issue 2 - "This Man's Paradise" (essay)

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology - "The Hunted" (horror/fiction) - page 52
Hayden Larsen
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