Alyksys Lename has been writing since she was little.  When she was two, she
would draw pictures in comic book form and have her father add the words.  
Today, she works on short stories and longer novels.  Alyksys enjoys horse
back riding, reading, swimming, photography, and watching Northern Exposure
and Monk from Netflix among other things.  She hopes to become a writer and
an explorer of Antarctica when she grows up.
(Summer 2007)

Alyksys Lename lived for most of her life in Lane County.  She of course
dreamed of living in Antarctica and studying there, but settled for the German
scene.  She loves it in Germany, and only plans on coming back because she
misses Groundwaters and the library back in the home country.  Besides her
daily intake of bread and bier, she enjoys playing sports and an large load of
German homework.  Somehow, in place of sleep, she takes the time to write
poetry, short stories, and novels, although finishing them is the hard part.
(Spring 2008)

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 3 Issue 4 - “Red Glider – Beacon of Destruction” (fiction)
Volume 4 Issue 3 - “Between Me and What Once Was” and “My Little Black
Box” (poetry)
Volume 4 Issue 4 - “My Park Bench” (essay); “My Park Bench” (photography);
“The Senses”
Volume 5 Issue 4 - "Being Friends" and "Just Friends" (poetry)
Volume 6 Issue 3 - "The Dream" and "The Dreamer" (poetry)
Volume 7 Issue 2 - “My Imperfections" (poetry)
Alexis Lanham
aka Alykysys Lename
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
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