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The White Man's Brother
By Muriel Linder (2015) - 254 pages

“Along the edge of the clearing, an array of spectators, mostly old men and children, hissed
and hollered in good-natured ridicule as the young braves knocked one another off balance
on the slick ice. The old men huddled under blankets, while the children and village dogs –
large spotted beasts – raced about jostling the onlookers.
      “Fire Top toyed with the medicine bundle hanging from his neck as he lay feigning
      “‘Would you rather play ball with the women?’ Moon Wolf taunted as he stood over his
      “In a single movement, Fire Top sprang to his feet. His honey gold skin, speckled with
freckles, contrasted and accented the dark sorrel tones of Moon Wolf’s skin. Pushing the
red curls away from his eyes, Fire Top met kick for kick...”
      So begins the mesmerizing story of Fire Top, the red-haired white brave who came to
live with Tall Bear and Quiet Woman in their Cheyenne village after his birth parents were
killed by members of another tribe.
      Muriel Linder brings her characters to life and Fire Top’s story will allow the reader to
share in life as it was lived among the Cheyenne tribe in the mid-1800s. Follow the stories
of Fire Top's love for Moon Wolf and Shining white frontiersmen with whom the tribe lived in
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The Rainbow Chasers
By Muriel Linder (2015) - 166 pages (Sequel to The White Man's Brother)

     She was seventeen summers old, with straight blue-black hair that hung to her waist,
and eyes that were pools of blackness and had known sadness beyond her years...
     "In the back room of the trading post, on the morning of their departure, Shining Eyes
held the baby, Virginia, close and stared unseeing at the maze of smudged charcoal maps
on the plank floor. She was alone and the room was silent except for the burping of the
blue speckled coffee pot on the back of the cookstove. This would be the third time she
had said goodbye to the baby, but this time was different. The Oregon Territory was a long
way into the sunset and she doubted that she would ever return to the trading post or to
her people..."
     So begins the story begun in Muriel Linder’s first book, The White Man’s Brother.  
     Follow Shining Eyes and her husband Fire Top as they begin their quest for a new life
as Rebecca and Bob Tanner in the Oregon Territory...
Muriel (Ava) Linder lives with her family in Elmira, Oregon. She
spent many years studying Native American history, especially that related to the
Cheyenne tribe, before writing her first book,
The White Man’s Brother.

“I had written numerous magazine articles and newspaper items until that time, but
working with fiction was a whole new ball game. I loved bringing my characters to life!”
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