Through a grant awarded to Groundwaters in 2010, by  the Oregon
Country Fair’s Bill Wooten Endowment Fund, we were given funds
and the opportunity to take local authors and artists into the area’s
classrooms. Our objective was to foster, encourage and support
creativity by providing area youngsters the opportunity to express
themselves through writing or art and reward them by allowing them
to see their work published outside of the classroom.
      The teachers at Lorane Elementary School invited Nick
DeAngelo, a cartoonist whose comic strip,
Just Add Water, appears
in each issue of
Groundwaters, as their featured guest. He and
Jennifer Chambers of
Groundwaters, worked with 45 students from
kindergarten through sixth grade. They began the program with Nick
interactively demonstrating cartoon techniques to the entire group by
drawing a cartoon character. He had the children suggest features
that they wanted him to include in the character that they created
together. They then broke into two groups. The K-2 group was led by
Jennifer who, with the help of the primary teachers, Jamie
Ledgerwood and Nicole Glenn, worked with the students to create
their own personalized ladybug cartoon characters. Nick and teacher,
Nate Robertson, worked with the students in Grades 3-6 as they
designed and drew their own comic strips. The finished drawings
were collected from both groups; the students who had not
completed theirs were given a few more days to do so. Pat Edwards
scanned all of the drawings and created two chapbooks called
Cartoon Capers and Ladybug Jamboree. Enough copies were
published for each one of the participating students and their
teachers to have their own personal copy, thereby giving them the
opportunity to see their work in print.
Nick and Jennifer received rave reviews from the teachers at Lorane.
It was a fun experience for all. We thank not only Nick, Jennifer and
the Lorane teachers, but the Oregon Country Fair, as well, for
allowing us this rare opportunity to interact with the youth in the area.
Thanks to all who participated!
(Fall 2010)

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