Randall Luce
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Born in the baby boom, educated and loosed upon the world, I’ve tried to make my impression upon it. I got
myself a degree in cultural anthropology and did field work in the Mississippi Delta. I saw the first black man
elected in his county since Reconstruction. Later, I worked for private aid organizations that gave medical
materials to doctors in hospitals and clinics in developing countries. I saw famine in Africa. I saw bombs fall in
Eritrea; goat herders there who would rather starve than eat their goats; and hospitals hidden in caves. The
doctors fashioned light switches from used-up syringes.
      Later, I married, and I helped my wife raise two fine boys. Truly, my wife and sons don’t know their own
righteousness, and that is the one of the best things you can say about anybody. I worked for a homeless shelter.
I taught college students anthropology. Then I worked for a law firm and began to write at night. Now I’m retired
and I still write at night. So far, two novels bear my name—Motherless Children and Smokestack Lightning.
      If I could be British, I’d be Graham Greene. If I could sing, I’d be Bob Dylan.
      Looking back, I can’t say I’ve made much of an impression, but I’m betting on God’s grace. I hope someday
to be a witness.

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