I was born in the Territory of Alaska at Elmendorf AFB. I had a mother who read
to me so I sat in the hall in first grade at Westfir during reading class. I read Dr.
Dolittle or whatever else I wanted while the rest of the herd hacked its way
through "See Spot Run." I wasn’t so hot at math.

My stepdad changed his teaching jobs at least annually and so we moved
regularly around the Eugene area until he had burned all his bridges. He taught at
Woodrow Wilson HS for a time. Then we moved to Astoria to repeat the process.
The folks were going through a fine ugly divorce in Boring when I turned 17 and
was unloaded on the military. The Vietnam war was rocking and you didn’t even
need a high school education. If you could walk and breathe—you were in!

After three years at Ft. Bragg NC, I became a civilian again and followed the path
of least resistance. I cashed in on my veteran’s preference and GI Bill and wasted
Norm Maxwell
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
my life working BLM temp jobs and attending SOSC. Eventually I moved back to Svarverud Road near Eugene
(being careful not to graduate) and finally broke the temp barrier at BLM's Eugene District. I had consistently failed
all the invisible personality contests that were woven throughout the hiring process so it came as a surprise to
many. My transition did require a visit from the Inspector General. It sort of reminded me of a line from
Wind in
the Willows
where Toad is singing a self-aggrandizing song to an imaginary audience—something like: "There was
panic in the parlor, there was squealing in the halls—When the Toad came home!"

There came a time in my life when I hallucinated that I could be a real writer like Stephen King and get drunk and
write in Sanskrit and the only question would be, "When is your next installment ready for publication?"

Now that that fantasy has been drowned and stirred and drowned again, I have accepted the fact that I am just
another pathetic wannabe writer. Everybody in the world can write. At least it comes easy. To quote Homer
Simpson, “If something’s hard, that means it’s not worth doing!”

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