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Ryan F. Mayer
By Delila Mayer (2014) - 52 pages

From my mother’s heart, I would like to share with you the life and passing of our
dear son, Ryan Mayer, who died April 1, 2010, after battling brain cancer for three
years. Ryan was born May 26, 1969, and died at age 40, leaving a young wife,
three children under seven years of age, his Mom and Dad and four siblings with
their families. His great love for us and for our Lord, as well as his courage, made
our sad path – our Via Dolorosa – our way of the cross – bearable. Our hearts
were totally broken. I still cannot say, “Thanks be to God,” for this particular,
excruciating painful trial, but I can say, “He, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has
been faithful and loving to me every step of the way and I live because He lives
within me. Jesus Christ is so good to us and His way throughout all of this
continues to be revealed."

This book is dedicated to our Blessed Mother Mary, who came to get Ryan at the
moment of his death and carried him to Jesus to be with Him forever.
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