Margie McNutt has always been involved in the arts. When she and her husband Jim
met, she owned a small jewelry store in the Janzten Beach Shopping Center in
Portland, Oregon, which her parents owned at the time. She made all of the jewelry
that she sold. Later, while her children were young, she expressed her creativity
through designing and sewing their clothing and making leather show chaps and
costumes for the horse shows they participated in. Margie began making jewelry again
in the 1990s, selling her exclusive pieces through a wholesale house in Seattle. After
several years, she tired of jewelry-making, and began taking classes in glass art at the
Eugene Glass School. For the past several years, Margie has been making large,
functional glass pieces including bathroom sinks, light fixtures, bird-baths and the
normal bowls, platters and vases. She is now making unique bowls and decorative
vases and display pieces and has developed and patented some very exciting
processes that make her work “one of a kind.” Margie has a studio at her home in
Lorane where she has taught classes in the art of glass-making for the
Lorane Rural
Arts Center. (Winter 2010)

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Margie McNutt
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