I was born and raised in Southern California.  My wife Glenda and I were married in
San Angelo, Texas in 1970, while I was training with the Air Force. After serving as
a Vietnamese linguist overseas, Glenda and I moved to Bend, Oregon in 1973. I
completed my English BA degree in 2005, and have taught for 17 years. I am
currently a tour guide for school kids insights and observations. The highlight of my
life has been to stand at the Lincoln Memorial, look back at the Washington
Monument and the Capitol, pinch myself and say, “Wow, I get to do this everyday!”
(Spring 2009)

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Jim Miller
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."

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Volume 6 Issue 1 - "Life is Not Done" (poetry) "The Plains" (haiku)
Volume 6 Issue 3 - "The Grist Mill" (poetry)
Volume 6 Issue 4 - "Castles in the Sky" (poetry)

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