I was born in Corvallis, Oregon and graduated from Corvallis High School a few decades
ago. I met  my husband in my freshman year of college. He was headed to the U of O
medical school. We married in my sophomore year and I joined him in Portland,
graduating from Portland State with a degree in education. I taught briefly in the Portland
area before we began a peripatetic lifestyle courtesy of the U.S. Air Force and my
husband's medical training. I packed up the kids and have lived in Oregon, California,
Texas, Thailand, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, and Kenya. We have worked in
Ethiopia, Namibia, Mali, and Nicaragua. Twenty-seven of our years we were based in
Michigan with reprieves to work in East Africa where snow is seen on distant mountains
and not in your own backyard.

We summer at our family cottage on Fern Ridge Reservoir and spend time with my
beloved 95-year-old mother in Corvallis. Our three children and our wonderful 13
grandchildren are scattered from Seattle through Kansas to Kentucky.

The most significant thing in my life was becoming a Christian when I was 23. My
husband also chose to become a follower of Christ. Since 1982 my husband has used his
medical expertise in repairing child-birth injured women in the Third World as well as the
U.S.  We have had the privilege of taking our children with us on medical trips and living in
interesting times and places.
Jeanette-Marie Mirich
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
I scribble poems or short stories on notebooks, ruled and unruled paper or napkins as we live between here
and there. My first novel,
Happy Christmas, Miss Lawrence, received a second place in the romantic novel
category from Colorado Independent Publishers Association. A second novel,
Shadow Games, has recently
been published through Stonebridge Publications.While it is exciting to be acknowledged by my peers, what
stirs my heart is working with my husband through Christian Medical Dental Society in teaching marriage
conferences to medical and dental couples. We are part of an amazing team of professionals who joyously
celebrate marriage.

Another love involves using needles, either sewing or knitting ones. Since my quilt stash is
quartered in Kentucky I have promised my daughter to whittle it down to a few bins before my hands can no
longer thread a needle. Don't know if I can keep the promise. There are too many baby quilts crying to be

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