Alix Mosieur of Lorane, Oregon kindly volunteered to draw the Groundwaters cover art
using pen and ink for this issue featuring the theme, “crow.”
      The great-great granddaughter of a “Nez Perce/Blackfoot,” Alix Mosieur has been
painting all of her life. She grew up in California and moved to Lorane in 1970, where she
and her husband Bruce started showing her work at art fairs. She and Bruce formed their
own company, Red Horse Art Co., in the early 1990s and are now... according to Alix...
“making our living with our work, which is nice, since neither one of us has a job!” Bruce
does all the woodworking and sanding and finishing to form interesting and unique
backgrounds for Alix’s work. Alix proclaims to be mostly self-taught although she did study
art at Santa Barbara City College and at the University of Oregon. Alix’s rich artwork is
diverse, but her first love and consuming interest is in painting portraits of Native American
Indians, concentrating on the great chiefs involved in the Indian Wars of the 1800s. She is
also known for her wonderful portrayal of the natural beauty of the horse, the wolf, the
deer, the bear and other wildlife found in the Western United States. Besides her earlier
work with oil on canvas, Alix has become very successful with her pen and ink drawings
on slabs of wood, gourds, and even musical instruments. She’s also successfully used
watercolors, acrylics, and colored pencils. She and Bruce have joined forces to provide
one-of-a-kind artwork on custom-built tables, screens and mirrors, as well. They have
now scaled back on the art fairs and are represented by art galleries and gift stores in
multiple states and along the Oregon Coast.
   Alix also graciously volunteers her services to S.A.R.A.(Shelter Animal Resource
Alliance) which has been rescuing, assisting and advocating for Shelter Animals in Lane
County, Oregon since 2001. For a minimum donation of $25 per portrait to S.A.R.A., Alix
will create a beautiful 8" x 10" color pencil drawing (suitable for framing) of your dog, cat,
horse or other companion animal. All proceeds go toward rescuing shelter animals in
Western Oregon. For more information, call 541-607-8892.
(Summer 2007)

I’ve been making art since I was 5, starting with my first love, horses, which I drew
endlessly on any surface I could find in any media that didn’t disintegrate in my hand. But,
by the age of 8, there were Indians on my horses and in my head and its been that way
ever since.
   When I was 16, I learned I may have Native American ancestry, and that really built a
fire under me. I amassed hundreds of books on the history of the Plains Indians so that,
later, when I was commissioned to paint the famous chiefs from the wars of the 1860’s
and 1870’s I knew a lot about who they were and what contributions they had made to
their people and their land. Their stories are as amazing and heart-rending as their strong
and courageous faces. Chief Joseph is probably the best known and most awe-inspiring
of them all. His tribe, the Nez Perce, originated in the Pacific Northwest. He is a hero to
me in so many ways and he worked until the end of his days to bring peace, freedom and
justice to his people.”
(Fall 2009)

Website address: Horse Art.htm

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Alix Mosieur
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