Mario(n) Myatt
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
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I was born in Walnut, Arkansas in 1934, grew up in Fort Smith, AR and moved to
Oregon in 1950. I started writing children’s stories last September at the age of 76
and I’m loving it. I have a wife and two daughters.
(Spring 2011)

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Mario Myatt
January 22, 1934 - July 9,2015
When Mario first contacted us
in 2010, he sent several
children’s stories. They were  
obviously written by someone
with a vivid imagination and a
child-like sense of humor with
few writing skills. He admitted
to being a storyteller -- he told
these original stories to his
grandchildren as they sat
upon his knee. Later he wrote
the following:

“I am amazed and well-
pleased at the attention you’
ve given to the stories I have
submitted. I just started
writing just this last
September, and I am 77 years
old. Hardly no education, but
am fi nding that I like to put
stuff on paper.“

We didn’t print those first few
stories. They were just too
rough. I suggested that he join
a writer’s group, and I believe
that he did. Mario continued to
take the suggestions and
criticisms that came his way
and his writing kept improving.
My personal all-time favorite is
“Fred Bigfoot” published in the
Spring 2013 issue.

How sad we were to learn that
he had passed. You will truly
be missed, Mario!