I am an retired expatriate, living abroad in Orsa, Sweden. I travel to visit a dear friend
living in Eugene. We are souls connected through
Groundwaters! I hope you will like my
 (Summer 2012)

Barbara Newman was born in NYC. Raised by first generation immigrants, she learned
much about their old country. While attending elementary school she felt strangely
different from those other American children; memorizing past presidents in social
studies, never made sense to her. When she was home with her parents, they talked in
their native tongue and read about princesses, kings and past monarchies. Strangely
foreign herself, Barbara proceeded through school and life, visiting her foster parents’
homeland frequently. She found herself at home along with her returning elders. Barbara
now lives in Sweden 6 months of the year.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology).

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Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 8 Issue 4 - "Memory of Her Grace," "keyboard reflections,"  "showy rings" and
"Tender Grace" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 1 - "The Question," "Why Did You Leave?" "White-Floured Hands" and
"My Ode to Joy" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 2 - "Just One More, Pleezz!" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 3 - "Joey and the Bald Eagle" (poetry and photograph); "rain's renewal"
and "Game of Magic" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 4 - "The Mission" "Statue of Liberty" and "Cocktails at Six" (poetry)
Volume 10 Issue 1 - "Falling" and "Second Date" (poetry)
Volume 10 Issue 2 - "A Poem Read" and "To Jenny" (poetry)
Volume 10 Issue 3 - "She Flies" and "The Clothes Line" (poetry)
Volume 10 Issue 4 - "Contented" (poetry)

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology: "A Goddess" (poetry) - page 152
Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: "One Hundred Miles" (poetry/special places) -
page 52
Barbara Newman
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